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Our New Employee Incentive


At Fire Glass UK we like to look after our employees, we believe they are all hard working and would benefit from a little reward now and again.

We have looked into may reward schemes and found Perkbox is more suited to our requests. Fire Glass have recently introduced an exciting benefit platform for all member of staff. Perkbox is a team happiness platform that gives access to over 300 perks! Giving them access to hundreds of big brand discounts; a wellness hub packed with expert lifestyle and fitness classes; premium rewards and more.

Here’s a list of some of the ‘perks’ available to us :

• A box of goodies on your birthday

• A free Café Nero hot drink EACH WEEK

• An online movie rental each monthBig brand discounts on major high street and supermarket shopping

• A free cinema ticket EACH MONTH plus discounted cinema tickets

• Exclusive pricing from Apple

• Loads of lifestyle perks from gym discounts, massages, insurance, spas, beauty and more.Lots of employees have already started making huge savings on purchases and days out.

The free weekly coffee has gone down a treat – quite literally!